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Our story

We are proud to have assembled a team of chefs who have decades of working experience in top Pan-Asian restaurants.  Refined over generations the flavours have been expertly crafted, to bring you an adventure.

Our chefs have sourced the freshest ingredients and selected the finest spices from the Far East to deliver you a diverse and vibrant Pan-Asian menu.  Each dish has been refined and perfected to satisfy the cravings of any customer.


The Origin of bobochacha

bobochacha is a coconut based dessert comprising of ingredients such as sweet potato, taro, tapioca and sago much like our restaurant, it never fails to satisfy even the most demanding of taste buds.

bobochacha is a very popular dessert originating from the Nyonya cuisine - a fusion of Malaysian, Chinese and Indonesian foods.  The Nyonyas are of Chinese descent who travelled to the Malay Archipelago in the 15th century and setlled with Malay inhabitants. 

With an eclectic mix of cultures, the emerging Nyanya local delicacies became so colourful, flavoursome and nourishing.  Just like the Nyonyas, our chefs have the same passion to invent irresistible dishes.

At bobochacha we pride ourselves in celebrating our culinary heritage


bobochacha is the flavour of home.


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