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Covid-19 Policy

We are constantly reviewing and updating our coronavirus policy in tandem with the government’s guideline changes. 

bobochacha is committed to caring for the health and well-being of its employees and customers whilst supporting local health officials and government leaders in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. 

Intensive cleaning measures: The company continues to observe elevated cleaning and sanitizing protocols that meet or exceed public health guidelines, and which can help to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Sanitising protocol will be observed between guest leaving and the next set of guests arriving. Training ensures that our staff clean high touch surface areas frequently. 

Staff precautions: Staff will have their temperatures checked at the beginning of each workday to check that they do not display symptoms associated with having contracted the virus. Staff will also report whether they feel unwell, if either of these tests are failed, they are sent home immediately. Staff members will also change, if possible, into work uniform before their shift begins. Staff members will also socially distance where possible. Serving staff and kitchen staff will have as limited contact as possible with each other. Serving staff will also be wearing facial coverings during their shift. 

Customer precautions: Currently there will be reduced seating in the restaurant due to the implementation of Covid-19 measures. At the restaurant we will try our best to maintain a  metres distance between different parties when seating customers. In the event a 2 metres distance is not possible, we will keep a minimum distance of 1 metre+ between different parties with additional measures set in place. Customers will be asked to use hand sanitizer before their entry into the restaurant. All customers will have the possibility of being asked to have their temperature taken when entering the premise. On arrival all parties may be asked whether or not a member of their party has recently been feeling unwell. We would kindly ask you to leave the premises if either your temperature is above normal or one of your party is feeling unwell. Upon arrival, the contact details of one representative of your party will be required. We use the NHS Covid19 app or a manual book to register your information for track & trace purposed. Customers who do not wish to have their temperature or contact details taken may be refused entry.

Payments: Currently, we will only be accepting card payment at our restaurant. 

Booking tables: The restaurant is currently allowing for bookings of reservations for tables in the evening however, due to reductions in seating capacity customers will be limited to a maximum of 1.5 - 2 hours (depending of party size) to allow for sufficient time to thoroughly clean surfaces before the next booking arrive.


Government regulations: Customers has been reminded to adhere to current government regulations before booking, and will be assumed to be in compliance when booking is made.

Once in the restaurant, we ask you not to cross table or mingle with other tables, and wear a mask when not seated.


If you require further information about our Covid-19 policy, please email

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